A funeral is one of the most special and intimate occasions a family can share. And whether a ceremony is elaborate or simple, it can be customized to reflect the life of the deceased and to hold special meaning for the family and survivors.

There are a variety of ways you can personalize your loved one's casket or urn, and even burial vault or urn vault. Below are some of the many choices that can help you pay tribute to your loved one.

Casket Personalization

MemorySafe™ Drawers

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MemorySafe™ Drawers provide a dignified means to secure and display letters, photos and other cherished memorabilia inside a hardwood casket. The removable MemorySafe™ drawer, located in the foot cap header, may be displayed open during viewing to invite friends and relative to reminisce and share memories.

Memorial Record™ System

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Your family can enclose parting thoughts and a history of their loved one with the exclusive Memorial Record™ system, making the casket more of a personal memorial.

Interior Options

You remember something unique about every person you love. And a personalized panel helps that memory endure. There are hundreds of motifs to choose from -- whether related to your loved ones profession, hobbies, faith, or personality -- all of which help you honor your loved one and make the funeral a more meaningful and comforting experience.

Burial Vault Personalization

Images, emblems, engraved words and verses—however you choose to express your loved one’s life, we can help you find the perfect personalization for the vault.

Urn and Urn Vault Personalization


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Whether you select a bronze, marble or hardwood urn, most urns can be personalized with special designs or text.

Engravings -- urns can be engraved with names and dates, favorite quotations, even photos and artwork. You can choose from a wide variety of themes or supply your own. Appliqués -- attractive appliqués can reflect a loved one’s personality or interests. Many themes and designs are available. Appliqués can also be combined with engraving.

Medallions -- solid brass service medallions commemorate time spent in various branches of the armed services. Medallions can be used alone or combined with engraving.

Urn Vaults

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May also be personalized with prints, emblems, medallions and engraving.

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